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  1. SCP-076-2 ran past Duni and knocked him in the head killing him. Because he was holding the SCP his consciousness was uploaded into an amulet. A class-D convict found the amulet and he became..
  2. IDENTITY CONFIRMED: O5-2 XENIEN. O5 CLEARANCE CONFIRMED. OPENING FILE. [BEGIN LOG]. O5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED. 8/23/2015. Upon stating that, Everyone here has lost it! it becomes apparent that Subject Tesla-Young psyche has snapped..
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  1. SCP-963-1 is an ornate amulet approximately 15 centimeters in circumference made from white gold Read along: www.scp-wiki.net/scp-963 We do not claim any ownership for the music used nor the..
  2. SCP-963 Dr Jack Bright (Or the amulet if you count that as an SCP name) http (Rules, Gameplay, RP, breaching, interacting with other SCPs, recontainment, ect) Right, So scp-963 was originally an..
  3. I made a #Crossover of #Underfell and the SCP-World. Fell!Papyrus as the Alteration of Dr. Bright from a parallel Universe to the SCP-Universe in which Germany won WW2: Dr. Schmitz from the..
  4. PASSIVE - On death drop SCP-963. SPAWN - With Researchers. Friendly to Foundation members. Hostile to Class D, SCPs, Serps, CI, Anything against the Foundation. SCP-963

Oversimplified SCP Chapter 8 SCP-963 Immortality. 4 meses atrás. This is not my work! I'M trying to spread this comic so many scp fans out there can find IT After much experimentation, it has been discovered that when any living anthropoid comes into direct skin contact with SCP-963-1, the mind of the subject is wiped. 1. Notably, circulatory system appears fully functional, and fMRI shows cerebral activity resembling that of an individual submerged in a sensory deprivation tank SCP Tales Mainlist. Below, you can find recreations of each Series list which include all on-site works that star, reference, or otherwise include individual SCPs. 1. On the Customize screen turn off the Use default mobile theme option under Advanced Options. 2. Remove the stash logo from your website by getting a Full License

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  1. オブジェクトクラス: Keter. 特別収容プロトコル(2018-12-01 更新): SCP-003-EVENTの監視を行う臨時収容サイトは、SCPSあかしまの.
  2. (this is from @drawing-prompt-s' discord chat and i decided to draw this from a prompt) SCP 239 , a 8 year old girl who can do ANYTHING she wishes (if she can see.
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間に合ったああああああああああ収デンいくぞおおおおおおおおおお!!!紹介させていただいたscp(本家サイトに飛びます 控制,收容,保护(To Secure, Contain, and Protect)——SCP基金会. 这里所有转载SCP的相关内部文件,转引内容禁止进行相关修改. Vous cherchez un notaire à BRIEY CEDEX - L'Etude de SCP Grégoire JANNOT , Stéphane LHOMME et Olivier ARRICASTRES vous accompagne dans votre achat immobilier.

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遠端連線伺服器對我們來說,可是一項很有用的工具啊!他可以讓我們更方便的管理主機。 不過,方便歸方便,但開放全世界. Société Artop Renovation (Sainte Luce sur Loire, 44980) : numéro siret, siren, information, adresse, contact, numero tva intracommunautaire, bilan.. Schau Dir Angebote von 963 auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Vielen herzlichen Dank an SCP-1luc13 und Hidenki für ihre Hilfe bei diesem Video. Es war mir eine Freude, mit euch zu arbeiten! SCP-1luc13: https://www.youtube.com. Item #: SCP-963 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-963-1 is to be given into the care of a current D level operative, as well as..

On that note, if you read the Oversimplified SCP comic series, it is important to know that many of them are out of date, particularly the comic on SCP 963, which claims that removing SCP 963 turns the wearer back to normal. This is not true. They are brain dead once you take it off. SCP 963 permanently erases the mind of whoever's wearing it, and Dr. Bright takes over whether he wants. SCP Foundation van de Nederlandstaligen. SCP Datenbank SCP Serie NL; SCP Serie INT; SCP Serie I; SCP Serie II; SCP Serie II Chap 8 SCP-963 - Oversimplified SCP composed by Scp Foundation Writers of the Supernatural, Psychological, Mystery, Sci-fi, Horror genres SCP Databáze. Série V (4000-4999) Série IV (3000-3999) Série III (2000-2999) Série II (1000-1999) Série I (001-999) Série INT (001-999) Série CZ I (001-999) Knihovna SCP. Příběhy.

More information. SCP 963. Find this Pin and more on SCP Foundation by Sunako666 Customize your avatar with the SCP-963-2 and millions of other items. Mix & match this t shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you SCP-231-2 (verstorben am . . ): Getötet während Versuchs der Entfernung des Fötus des zweiten SCP- Exemplars. Siehe Opferbericht zu Ereignis 231-Bravo für weitere Details. by doctor's blade the second bade a life into the world. untimely hewn neath a silent moon, the King's red flag unfurled Despite this, SCP-963-131 is allowed to wander around the facility at will for undisclosed reasons. It is allowed to enter observation rooms at will, minus those in any 001 chamber. It is allowed to enter observation rooms at will, minus those in any 001 chamber

SCP 963 is an amulet of about 15 cm in circumference. any living anthropoid that comes into direct contact with SCP 963 will get their mind wiped This Pin was discovered by Todd Nicely. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest SCP's, GOI's, and more either explained or summarized badly. If wanted the actually file, you should do your job and get it yourself If wanted the actually file, you should do your job and get it yoursel 2) Crimpmaschine CRIMPMATIC CP 963. Elektrische Crimppresse in kompakter, steifer und temperaturstabiler Plattenbauweise mit massivem Pressenbär und. SCP 963 Dr. Jack helle 2.25 Pin RudysPaperPlace 5 von 5 Sternen (13) 2,71 € Nur noch 3 Favorit Hinzufügen Weitere, ähnliche Produkte + Ähnliche Artikel . Letzte Inventar - SCP Foundation-ID-Karten - Personal Klasse - alte Version KeterCrafts 5 von.

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Find the hottest scp-963 stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about scp-963 on Wattpad Nachträglich 073-2: Wenn Informationen SCP-076 betreffend zu SCP-073 gebracht werden, zum speichern von Informationen, zeigte das Subjekt Vertrautheit mit den Informationen. Trotzdem war es abgeneigt etwas hinzuzufügen, auch wenn es sagte, dass es bereits alles über SCP-076 wüsste. Dann meinte es, dass es besser für alle wäre, wenn es SCP-076 nicht treffen würde raw download clone embed report print text 2.98 KB AddCSLuaFile() SWEP.PrintName = SCP-963 SWEP.Author = The Trash Man SWEP.Instructions= Left click to possess when in amulet form SWEP.Slot=0. SWEP.SlotPos=1. SWEP.DrawAmmo=false. SWEP.DrawCrosshair=. SCP-963-1 is now hung by a chain from subject's neck. 963-1 is not allowed to be hidden upon the subject's body. Any attempt to do so will be met with lethal force. Any attempt to do so will be met with lethal force Description: SCP-963-2 is Dr. Jack Bright a researcher who was experimenting on an anomalous amulet (SCP-963-1) and was killed while holding it. He now has the ability to steal the bodies of the people who touch the amulet which makes the host brain dead. He is technically now immortal but he is suicidal

A model of the SCP-963 pendant designed for a cosplay. The base allows for makers to use their own preferred gems for the the final work Die SCP-Foundation ist eine geheime Organisation, die sich dem Schutze der Menschheit widmet vor Kreaturen oder Strukturen, die der Menschheit zur Gefahr.. I Have 2 suggestions for this one since its hard to decide between the two 1. Dr Bright Yes im still pushing for Bright to be in the game since you cant have SCP. Want to see art related to scp_963? Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists

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  1. Technically, SCP-076 is both the containment cube (SCP-076-1), made of engraved black stone, and the humanoid creature resting inside (SCP-076-2). Atop the cube rests a coffin, held up by chains made of an unknown metal, which in turn holds Able himself
  2. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-963-1 is to be given into the care of a current D level operative, as well as personnel classified as Dr. Bright's assistant
  3. The nine-hundred and sixty-third SCP entry. Characters (SCP-963), (SCP-963), Jack Bright, Simon Glass, Tom Higly, O5-6, O5-8, O5.
  4. Запись относительно scp-963-2: . . o5-9 был дан приказ попытаться копировать scp-963-1. Все попытки венчались неудачей до scp-963-2, на котором [ПОСЛЕДУЮЩИЕ ДАННЫЕ УДАЛЕНЫ]
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scp-963のページのインタビュー記録にその様な描写があります。また、「対象者が30日間scp-963との接触を保ち続けると. Find great deals on eBay for scp. Shop with confidence Customize your avatar with the SCP-963 and millions of other items. Mix & match this t shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you A VR/Desktop game where you are a new D-Class personnel in a secret SCP research facility when everything falls apart. Use what you can find as you explore the. Deep within the SCP Foundation during a containment breach, many of the anomalies have bypassed security and escaped from their chambers - without peaceful intentions

In this conversation. Verified accoun Special Containment Procedures. SCP-705 requires little security detail nor significant clearance to access, and is to be held in Sector 2 Safe SCP containment with. Und vermutlich hätte der SCP noch längere Zeit spielen können, ohne ein Tor zu erzielen. Das erledigte daher Gütersloh selber. Wasseys scharfe Hereingabe konnte Burger nur noch ins eigene Tor lenken. Dumm gelaufen für die Gäste, aber mehr als verdient

SCP-939 average 2.2 meters tall standing upright and weigh an average of 250 kg. Each of their four limbs end in three-fingered claws with a fourth, opposable digit. The jaws of SCP-939 are lined with red, faintly luminescent fang-like teeth, similar to those belonging to specimens of the genus Chauliodus, up to 6 cm in length, and encircled by heat-sensitive pit organs. Eye spots, sensitive. SCP-682 is a famous SCP, mostly for it being a good, well-written SCP by a famous SCP author, who's written a lot of SCPs including SCP-914 and SCP-106 which are in the game, and is well known in the SCP community Note To Admins of the SCP DA group I would like to submit Series1 category (Scp 963 if what not ) The file is in .png format, if you want I can always s... SCP 963 SCP 963 Deviant Ar 잭 브라이트 박사가 평범한 인간이었을 당시 이 목걸이로 연구를 진행 중이었는데 하필 그 때 scp-076-2가 탈주해버리는 바람에 잭 브라이트 박사는 scp-963을 가지고 있는 상태로 사망했다. 재수없게도 그는 scp-076-2의 격리실 바로 옆을 지나가고 있던 중이라 scp-076-2의 첫 희생자였다고 한다

The following is a list of every SCP planned to be added to the game. Removed SCPs currently planned to come back are also on this list. Keep in mind that despite this list being SCPs the devs have stated are confirmed, this is not necessarily true, as SCPs on this list have been removed from this list and made into mere possibilities, some of them even being put on the scrapped list SCP-173, also known as The Sculpture, is a creature from the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization that works to keep anomalous objects, places, and creatures.

SCP - Containment Breach was originally released on April 15, 2012 and is still being updated. You play as D-9341, one of many Class-D test subjects used by the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to containing and safe-guarding anomalous creatures and artifacts from the rest of the world